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War Avatar System

The War Avatar System is a feature introduced in the New Horizons expansion that allows players to collect War Avatar Cards and equip them to gain stat bonuses such as attack, defense, and Spirit. War Avatar Cards are bound to the character; they cannot be traded or account stashed. The system also allows players to level up Nuema tiers which permanently increase character stats regardless of which card is equipped. The system is available to all levels, however War Avatar Cards and Nuemas have their own level restrictions.

War Avatar Cards

Currently you start with 6 S+ Avatar Cards which is the strongest cards in the game, they are also maxed out.

  • Light Emperor Alexander
  • Frost Emepror Eldros
  • Ying Siga
  • Mayen
  • Dorian
  • Lord Tyrant

How to Obtain Cards

In order to buy more S+ Cards you need to go into Vote shop on your user panel and purchase with Vote points which you recieve daily from voting.

Leveling up Cards

You can lvl up your avatar cards by opening War Avatar Tab clicking on the  War Avatar Card you want to lvl up and pressing devour. When you do that the arrow sign of you cursor will change and you can then click on the  War Avatar Chest: S  Stack  until the card hits lvl 100.


  • War Avatar Chest: S

Reawakening Cards

Cards can be reawakened. The process of reawakening a card is similar to that of characters, where the card will be reset to level 1, however its base stats and growth of base stats will be higher. Hovering over a card will show whether a card is reawakened or not, just below the leadership requirement. Cards can be reawakened a total of two times. The first reawakening will offer 130% of base stats while the second reawakening will offer 160% of base stats.

To reawaken a card, the player will need two of the exact same card. One of the cards should be maximum level; this is the card that the player will keep. The reawakened card will inherit its stats including leadership, so it should be the card with lower leadership. The other card can be any level, however any extra levels or EXP will be lost, therefore it is recommended to keep this card at level 1. Both cards do not need to be maximum level.

Once the player has the cards, they can be reawakened at the War Avatar Master in Kirin Town in the Primal World. Talk to him and select the War Avatar Reawakening option. A window will appear with two different slots. In the upper “War Avatar to Reincarnate” slot, insert the max level card that you want to keep. In the lower “Consume War Avatar” slot, insert the lower level card that you want to consume. Note that this lower level card will permanently disappear when the reawakening is completed. If this is done correctly, the Reawaken button will light up, otherwise another window will appear notifying the player of what they have done wrong. Upon clicking the Reawaken button a confirmation window will appear. Click confirm and your card will be reawakened, reset to level 1, and will have the same leadership as the card you chose to reincarnate.

To reawaken a card for the second time, the process is similar however both the card you want to keep and the card you want to consume must have been reawakened at least once. The card you want to keep should be at maximum level, while the card you want to consume can be any level, as long as it has been reawakened once.

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