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In Game Changes/Updates

Rank 9

First Stage of R9 is now easy accesable by newbies. Quests now dont require mats.Rank 9 Ring Quest also gives 2 Rings.

Rank 9 R2

Second Stage of R9 as everyone knows is upgraded by Summerwind Tokens. The changes to this stage are the following:

  • I  have lowered the Amount of Supply Tokens  needed to craft those Crytals at north archo forges.
  • Also made Nirvana Soloable  and bosses now drops Crystal Chests instead of Crystals themselves.

Rank 9 R3

Third stage of R9 is upgraded at Warsong Instance. The changes to this instance are the following:

  • Removed the Nirvana molds from instance. Now bosses drop only R9 Molds.
  • Lowered the mats required to ugrade gear  by 50% which means instead of 60 basic badge and 4 essence of offense to upgrade weapon now u need just 30 basic badge and 2 Essence of Offense

Rank 9 R4/Boundless Gear

Fourth Stage of R9 is upgraded at North Archosaur Forges. There are 2 ways to upgrade to this stage and  i have simplified both

  • lowered the amount of Supply Tokens needed to upgrade from r9r2 to r9r4 by 10 times which means the Sovereign Seals now cost 100 Supply Tokens instead of 1000.
  • Lowered the amount of  Oricalcum ingot and Adamantine  powder needed to ugprade from r9r3 to r9r4 by 50%.



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