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author image by orizon | 0 Comments | July 3, 2019


Maps Update:

  • Fixed teleports on all maps.
  • Fixed maps missmatching with server.

Uncharted Paradise Update:

  • Pathkeeper Bajan: Boosted Drops 
  • Unfettered Lad: Boosted Drops 
  • Seclusive Painter Yolan : Boosted Drops 
  • Dark Commander : Boosted Drops 
  • Lame Drinker Weist : Boosted Drops 
  • Lord of Paradise : Boosted Drops 

Dragonbreath  weapons NPC Update.

  • Was: before i lowered the mats required on each dragonbreath upgrade stage by 5.
  • New: because i have increased the drops of mats for dragonbreath weapons over 10 fold i  have reversed the changed done to npc  previously


2 EVENT revamps.

Every 6 hours on archosaur west Invasion will start: Drops have been boosted by x3 from what they were before

Uncharted Paradise bosses Now spawn on the world map:

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