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author image by orizon | 0 Comments | February 10, 2019

Here is the patch notes for this update! xD

  • Fixed r8 Gear Bonus: now it will include the headwear as part of the gear.
  • Fixed R8r3 Reforge: removed the extra items that were required  from last update.
  • Fixed Primal Skill books: last update ruined some of the bugs and made  them more expensive, now they are as they should be.
  • Fixed LVL 3 Stones: last update removed the lvl 3 stones now i added them back.
  • Fixed Nirvana Key Quest. Now you should recieve 10 keys for 10 mil Gold Coins
  • Fixed Flyer Speed, now all flyers will be 6.3 base with 12.0 skill.
  • Roll Call Event rewards have been c hanged to: 1 Bank Note. 50 Supply tokens,Dragonbreath Weapon Box(5% Chance to get an Offensive or Defensive Dragonbreath Weapon).
  • Disabled Invasion Event
  • FSP  revamp:  Now FSP gives ST (once per day) (old drops are also present)
  • UC revamp: Now UC gives ST (old drops are also present)
  • Territory Wars Rewards Supply Tokens

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