Update: Patch V.2 Notes

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author image by orizon | 0 Comments | January 2, 2019


Web Shop

  • You can now buy Bank notes on Vote-Shop or Donate-Shop


  • You can now buy R8 Reforge mats on website-Vote Shop.
  • Lowered the amount of coins needed to reforge gear


  • Fixed boss that doesnt drop boxes
  • Now each boss will drop 2 boxes
  • fixes chests so now they give 50 raps or canies

R9 General NPC

  • now you can craft Summerwind tokens with 400 raps and 400 canies

North Forges

  • Lowered the amount of gold coins needed to craft stuf


Make sure you run updater before you enter game. Laucher should Say V.2 if update was succesful, if not please run updater again

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