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The Homestead is a housing system introduced in the PWI Elysium expansion. Players are able to obtain their own space which they can customize to their liking. They can shape the landscape, place buildings, trees, flowers and more. The Homestead also offers materials for skill upgrades, materials for Dragonbreath Weapons and other rewards such as Star Chart items and War Avatar Cards.


Getting a Homestead

In order to acquire a Homestead players need to do a short quest chain. The quest chain will automatically pop up when they meet the requirements. Each player can only obtain one Homestead.


Players will also require to reawaken and reach certain Boundary levels in order to level up their Homestead.


The Legend of Elysium

  • The Legend of Elysium
  • The Celestial Lady’s Story

Entering Elysium Wine for a Star Mercury, The Dusk Star Unseen Enemies

  • Ferano’s Wisdom
  • Seeking the Red Star

The Ancient Treant Jupiter Rising

  • Finding the Force Star
  • A Terrible Wraith Appears!
  • The Mysterious Lady Decadence

The Last Star The Stolen Star Five Stars In A Line

  • The Stars Align
  • The Goddess, Nightbloom

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