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  • LvL 105 Boost
  • 2,000,000,000 SP
  • 1,000,000 Gold Coins
  • 1000 V-Gold/Daily


  • Ruby Spirit Charm
  • Ruby Guardian Charm
  • Teleport Stone (x100)
  • Teleacoustic (x100)
  • Supreme Celestial Schism
  • Stone of Love: Recreation
  • Geographic Map
  • Premium Flyer


  • G17 Necklace +12
  • G17 Belt +12
  • Bless Box
  • R8r3 Weapon +12 (+2 100 Mag/Phy ATK Stones)
  • R8r3 Armor Set +12 (+4 Vit Stones each)
  • R8r3 Helmet +12 (+4 Vit Stones)
  • S+ War Avatar Cards LV100


  •  LV9 Skills (Upgraded to Sage/Demon)
  • LV19 Skills (Upgraded to Sage/Demon)
  • LV39 Skills (Upgraded to Sage/Demon)
  • Lv49 Skills (Upgraded to Sage/Demon)
  • LV59 SKills (Upgraded to Sage/Demon)
  • Passive Skills (Upgraded to Sage/Demon)
  • LV79 Skills
  • LV100 Skills

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Welcome to Orizon Gaming

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